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Successful and productive virtual meetings start with good planning.

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How It Works

Select places where your participants are located. The app has a built-in database of nearly 150,000 cities from all continents and time zones of the world. Frequently used and custom locations can be marked as favorites and easily reused next time.

Rotate the time picker and see local times for these locations based on their timezones. Select time that is not outside your participants' business hours or during their lunch break.

Different parts of the world change the Daylight Saving Time at different dates. Some countries have regions that follow DST and some regions that do not. World Meeting Planner takes care of that and selects the right time zone and DST offset for any given date and location.

Invite participants. World Meeting planner can send an email with ICS invitation attachment and it can schedule meetings and invite participants via calendar. There is also an option to post the meeting announcement via Twitter and Facebook.

World Meeting Planner Screenshot

World Meeting Planner Screenshot


In this example the organizer schedules a conference call with participants from Phoenix, Arizona, Kayenta, Arizona and from Salzburg, Austria. The organizer is from Seattle and the meeting is planned on March, 23.

World Meeting Planner shows the start at 10 AM for the organizer in Seattle. The start also shows up as 10 AM for Phoenix. Phoenix is on different time zone than Seattle, why is that? Seattle is on Daylight Savings Time and Phoenix isn't. Kayenta, however, shows as 11 AM, because this part of Arizona is on Daylight Savings Time.

Salzburg and Seattle are normally 9 hours apart. They both follow DST during the summer. But here, the meeting starts at 6PM for Salzburg, which is only 8 hours difference: on March 23 Seattle is already on DST and Austria will move to DST later in March...

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