Record your location with GeoKit while you are shooting. Use third party application like Lightroom to geotag your pictures.

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With photos stored in typical photographic image formats like JPEG, TIFF and DNG, the geotagging information is embedded in the metadata, stored in EXIF or XMP format. Cameras that do not have GPS unit are not able to geotag images.

Online sharing communities and social web sites can show geotaggged images and users can browse photos from a map, search for photos from a given area and find related photos of the same place from other users.

Geotagging can be also used by the photographer for cataloguing or scouting purposes.



With GeoKit for Photographers in their pocket, photographers with no in-camera GPS can colllect their location information. GeoKit will collect the data, but third party application is needed to embed the data to images.

This functionality is available via some most popular photo processors and image organizers for Windows and macOS.

Obtaining geo-tagging information with GeoKit is a three step process. Because camera time is usually very inaccurate and in case of international travel can be off by many hours, we start by synchronizing camera time and your mobile device time. Then we are ready to start collecting geographical data in one of the two modes.

Photography Mode

Photography mode has been tuned for highest accuracy. With photography mode, you might be able to tell if a picture was taken at the book store or in the coffee shop next door.

Transit Mode

Transit mode was developed to cover periods when the photographer is in transit. An example of situation that suits Transit Mode is shooting from a cruise or from a car at safari.


Tuned for Photographers

GeoKit has been designed specifically for photography and employs whole lot of tricks to ensure best possibe accuracy while keeping the exported data size and power consumption reasonable.

The application collects information about location of the mobile device at a given time.

This kind of information may be sensitive for some people and therefore the location and time information is stored only locally on the device and the user can delete it at any time.

Geotagging wih GeoKit

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