Digital Photo Calculator 3

Redesigned from the ground up. More features than ever.

Digital Photo Calculator

Calculator for digital photographers and cinematographers calculates sensor resolution in lp/mm, diffraction limit, Dmax and Dmin values from Lab measurements, DOF and hyperfocal distance optimized for given sensor size and resolution, converts between RGB and Lab color spaces and provides interactive tool to calculate sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, daylight hours, shadow length and other Sun and Moon related data. 

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World Meeting Planner

Successful and productive virtual meetings start with good planning.

World Meeting Planner

World Time Meeting Planner is an international time converter for scheduling conference calls, videoconferences, webcasts, Skype calls or virtual training across world time zones. The application is designed to find suitable time for international meetings and calls quickly and without frustration. Meetings can be scheduled directly from the application via email, calendar or social media.  

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GeoKit for Photographers

With GeoKit for Photographers in their pocket, photographers with no in-camera GPS can colllect their location information for geotagging.

GeoKit geotagging

GeoKit has been designed specifically for photography and employs whole lot of tricks to ensure best possibe accuracy while keeping the exported data size and power consumption reasonable.

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